In this article, we want to give you indications on how to have online loans for very bad credit in a short time, even online, without guarantees, for employees, pensioners and self-employed.

Online loans for very bad credit with no fax required 

Yes, it is possible to have online loans for very bad credit, obtainable within 24/48 hours through the Green Day Online website here. 

Sometimes you need money urgently, urgently, but unfortunately, there are times when you don’t surf in good waters from a financial point of view.

Despite this, an unexpected expense, especially if of a personal/medical nature, or a trip that cannot be done without, a compelling home renovation (perhaps not to lose the government’s tax benefits), and so on. There are many situations in which it is essential to be able to have a sum of money to spend in a short time.

If you do not have sufficient funds in a checking account, here is that the loan is one of the best alternative solutions, among the cheapest from an interest rate point of view.

But how do you get fast and safe online loans, for everyone, even for the self-employed and for those who, in general, are without a paycheck?

Fast online loans for self-employed and without paychecks

The secret, for all entrepreneurs of “themselves”, to have fast financing, is to have a good tax return and, possibly, alternative guarantees that are considered valid by the credit institution or the financial company.

The tax return. To have fast online loans without a paycheck is the fundamental document. This shows the entrepreneur’s annual (and therefore monthly) income.

This sum is also important for understanding how much he will be able to commit, month after month, to repay the money borrowed.

Additional guarantees. This is the possibility of “integrating” the request with the help of a third person, who can act as a guarantor for the repayment of the installments. Technically, this procedure is called a surety, and it engages the guarantor as the main debtor: if the latter does not pay the installments, the surety must do it (otherwise, both can be registered as bad payers).

Fast online loans for employees and retirees

Employees and retirees can easily apply for quick loans, which can be obtained in a short time.

The guarantees offered by salary and pensions are considerable and allow young and old to obtain financing for amounts up to $ 30,000, to be reimbursed with the method of transferring the fifth of the salary and pension.

Subordinates and retirees can apply for loans online even without providing additional guarantees and single signatures.

Fast online loans for bad payers and protests

Fast online loans for bad payers and protests

Those who have had financial problems in the past and are now registered in the register of bad payers and protests may have difficulty applying for a loan, but it depends on everyone’s personal situation.

Fast-paced online loans for self-employed are difficult to obtain, except in cases where the amount of money you need is minimal (usually no more than 5,000 USD). The alternative could be fast online loans with a guarantor, but also, in this case, it depends on the quality of the guarantee offered (better to choose a guarantor who is a permanent employee or retired employee).

Fast online loans for unemployed

Those who are out of work, or in any case do not have demonstrable income, such as the unemployed or housewives, could find it very complex to obtain any type of financing. The same applies even if guarantees are given as a guarantee because these categories of people have neither a paycheck nor a tax return to support and guarantee the request.

Online personal loans without checking account

Online personal loans without checking account

Having a checking account is important in most cases where personal financing is needed. The account, in fact, is used as a method of payment of the periodic installments (BACS, ex RID).

Alternatively, you could opt for the payment of postal slips, however a more expensive solution and which in any case requires at least a postal or bank account.

Fast online personal loans, do they agree?

The main strength of these loans is to allow you to have quick loans, in 24 hours, especially because the internet speeds up the whole process a bit (some financial companies, such as Findomestic, offer an all-online solution with digital signature).

It is important to perform the installment calculation before the request, so as to have a better idea of ​​what you might have to repay, month after month, without problems and risks of reporting as a bad payer in the credit bureau register.

The second step is to request a quote, an easy and fast operation thanks to the comparison possibilities offered by many online services that deal specifically with this.

After applying for instant personal loans online, the first response can be expected within 24 hours (even less in most cases).