Can housewives with a part-time job or without a paycheck apply for a loan? The answer is yes. With the crisis and the change in social conditions, in fact, numerous credit realities have adapted to the new situation, giving users the possibility of applying for and loans for housewives.

How to access

To be able to access it you need to have a good credit history, in fact it is appropriate first of all, to have been punctual in previous installment payments and never to have been protested. The main feature is that of having a repayment plan that is not very rigid compared to normal loans.

If the loan requested is a maximum of 1,500 USD then, the direct interested party will receive a credit card called a revolving card different from the other credit cards.

Although unfortunately it has a very high interest rate! If you want to get a lower rate then the card should be in the name of your husband who has an income and can therefore offer greater guarantees regarding the financing in question.

In the past this loan was rarely granted, but to date banks are much more permissive towards these categories of workers. In fact, with the passage of time and the evolution of the financial markets, many credit institutions have increasingly approached this category of subjects, beginning to understand their needs in the economic field and guaranteeing them even minimal help!

Who can take advantage of this loan

These are loans directed only and exclusively to women who do not have a permanent job that guarantees them a profit or loss, but who do housework or who have a part time job.

These are non-finalized loans, as the amount that can be requested is really low and for this reason it must not be justified in any way to the bank that will grant this loan.

Who can guarantee these personal loans?

It is necessary to underline that it is not easy for a housewife to receive a loan, as it cannot guarantee a certain security, but starting from 2015 you can contact King Prestiti.

For all those women who cannot demonstrate an income then, the company offers loans ranging from 1,000 to a maximum of 2,000 USD. To obtain such funding, documents such as:

  • identification document;
  • copy of the last three bills paid for the telephone, gas and electricity and water
  • copy of the current account in the name of the applicant.

Unfortunately, however, this form of loan has a big disadvantage because the interest rate is quite high compared to the norm. In fact, not having an income that can be demonstrated and having to refer to a guarantor, it is not positive to be able to apply for and obtain a loan, which very often respond with higher interest rates as if they guaranteed a certain security and in this way astro.

More solutions to loans for housewives

Without a doubt there are more advantageous alternatives than loans especially for the housewives category, which are slightly less favored than the rest, in fact the final choice varies according to the needs of each applicant! Among the countless alternatives would be to take out a loan in favor of a spouse or if you want to find a job wait until you have achieved this goal!

It is essential to carefully check the APR and the TAN of the financing you decide to choose, also always do a good comparison with the various quotes that you have requested in order to be sure that you have made the best choice with fairly low interest rates and that meets your economic needs related to the time of the request, as very often it happens that you have to pay a lot on interest even if sometimes the loan for the housewives category is not excessively high!

How to get personal loans without housewife paycheck

How to get personal loans without housewife paycheck

Banks and financial companies hardly make loans to women who cannot claim demonstrable fixed income. The absence of a paycheck in fact represents the absence of a guarantee for the repayment of the credit. However, there are personal loans at subsidized rates designed to meet the needs of housewives. But let’s see how to get loans for housewives.

Women who need small amounts to respond to daily needs or face sudden spending can resort to housewife loans. In this way they will be able to obtain a loan of approximately 3 thousand USD, to be repaid with a monthly amortization plan at a subsidized interest rate.

If you need more than 3 thousand USD, you will need to submit the guarantee signature. A third party who undertakes to repay the credit in the event of default by the beneficiary of the loan if the latter is not in a position to pay the amortization installments.

Loan without paycheck for housewives: how to get over 3 thousand USD

Women who cannot present the signature of a guarantor can take out a first degree mortgage on the home. In this way it will also be possible to obtain significant sums, however in the event that the debt cannot be honored, the bank can request the foreclosure of the house.

Another solution to consider is to use as a guarantee a possible monthly income deriving from a property owned rented to third parties. This is a fixed income which would be considered a sufficient guarantee to guarantee the repayment of the loan.

Similarly, a monthly income from undeclared work is also considered an acceptable guarantee. In the event that the housewife manages to demonstrate that she receives regular credits to the current account, the bank is likely to grant the loan without difficulty.

Loans for housewives online: all offers

Loans for housewives online: all offers

Loans for housewives are a very widespread reality in the field of loans without paychecks. As already mentioned, there are several credit companies that allow you to request money in this way and in the list you can include Unicredit with the Lite Lender Mini product.

This loan allows you to request small amounts, starting from a minimum of $ 1,000 to reach a maximum of 3,000. The refund plan for the product in question can last up to 36 months.

Loans for housewives Astro Finance : how do they work?

Loans for housewives Astro Finance : how do they work?

Astro Finance also makes loans for housewives available to users. To be precise, these are credit access products that can be requested even without a paycheck, receiving money at advantageous rates.

For a specific example we assume the request for $ 10,000 and the choice of a 96-month amortization plan. In this case, the beneficiary would pay a monthly installment of $ 200, with a fixed TAN and APR equal to 6.39 and 6.58% respectively.

Loans for housewives: what does Best bank offer?

Loans for housewives: what does Best bank offer?

When it comes to loans for housewives, reference can also be made to Best bank products and in particular to fast loan. How does this credit access formula work? First of all, we remind you that this is a loan reserved for individuals aged between 18 and 35 and that can last from 24 to 120 months.

Loans for housewives Best bank: information on fast loan

Loans for housewives Best bank: information on fast loan

We continue to talk about loans for housewives and Best bank ‘s fast loan in particular by remembering that this loan allows you to request an amount between $ 2,000 and $ 30,000 for personal or family purposes (it is not possible to access this loan to acquire finalized credit to purchase a property).

The interest rate is fixed for the entire duration of the loan and the repayment periodicity is monthly. What documents are needed to request it? The valid identity document, the tax code card, the latest pay packets or the tax return (in the case of a profession, the latest models must be presented).

The outcome of the request, positive or negative, is quickly communicated to the user, who receives the sum of the loan on his own account in just as short time.

During the loan life cycle it is possible to request the postponement of the installments and change the amount, with obvious consequences on the duration of the amortization plan.