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Spanish chef donates bone marrow to sister with leukemia

Spanish chef donates bone marrow to his sister with leukemia Credit: Instagram

Spanish chef Karlos Arguiñano donates bone marrow to his sister who has leukemia.

The famous Spanish chef Karlos once again helped his sister after a relapse of leukemia. Karlos’ sister, Loinaz, has been battling leukemia for 15 years. When she first got sick, the chef donated bone marrow, and he did it again.

Speaking to Pronto, Karlos said: “This week I donated bone marrow to my sister Loinaz, who has leukemia. I already did it 15 years ago. He also explained that you have to be in good health to donate bone marrow and said: “To donate they do a lot of tests and the doctor said to me:” Listen, Karlos, keep on living. the life you lead, because you are great ‘”.

Loinaz has spent her life in relative anonymity compared to Karlos’ other sisters, notably Eva, his younger sister who is a pastry chef.

The Arguinano The family is said to be a very close family and they definitely reunite when life hits them hard. This was shown in 2020 when Pepi Urkiola sadly passed away.

Chef Karlos recently won the National Television Award 2021. Speaking to La Razon, he explained how much he always enjoys having a good breakfast and said: “Normally something salty, it could be an egg. scrambled, a fried or boiled egg, and if I have any evening asparagus… ”.

In other Spanish news, the Spanish government has announced measures to reduce the cost of electricity, and the plan will cost power companies 2,600 million.

The government has now approved a series of measures that will reduce electricity bills in Spain. The measures will also reduce the price of gas bills during the winter. The goal is to reduce consumer bills, by touching the profit margins of utility providers.

As reported by El Espanol, the government will oblige utilities to “return some 2,600 million in ‘fees incurred’ due to high gas prices and taxation on bills.”

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