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Top Spanish chef feeds Haiti earthquake victims

A great Spanish chef feeds the victims of the earthquake in Haiti Credit: Twitter

A great Spanish chef feeds the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. José Andres landed in Haiti on Monday and is ready to feed the survivors of the horrific earthquake that has left more than 1,400 dead.

Jose lived in the New York area for 27 years, but was originally born in Spanish Asturias. The famous chef is known not only for his delicious food, but also for his global charity that helps people hit by disasters around the world.

World Central Kitchen has helped many, including the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and the victims of the shocking wildfires in Greece.

José and his team are now in Haiti after an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale left tens of thousands of people in need.

Jose took to Twitter and said, “We just landed with more kitchen equipment to expand operations.”

“The rain starts from Tropical Storm Grace, adding to the predicament for everyone after the earthquake.”

José’s World Central Kitchen are also working hard in Spain after a forest fire broke out in the region, wreaking havoc in its wake.

Related: More than 1,000 people evacuated as Spanish mountains burn in Avila, Spain. The fire broke out on Saturday August 14.

The mayor of Solosancho, in Avila, Jesus Martin, was left in tears after a “very hard” night for the inhabitants of the region. He touched on how no one has “slept a wink” and how “our mountain range has been burned”.

The municipality has only 900 inhabitants and Martin and the rest of the inhabitants have felt hours of “tension, panic and anguish”. So far, around 500 people from the villages of Villaviciosa and Robledillo have had to be evacuated to safety.

They are not the only people to have been evacuated due to the fire and previously 250 people from the town of Riofrio and another 250 people from Sotalbo have been evacuated. This brings the total number of people evacuated to around 1,000 after a fire broke out on Saturday, August 14. The fire started after a vehicle caught fire near the N-502 (Avila-Cordoba). The fire spread between Navalacruz and Cepeda de la Mora.

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