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Who is Spanish chef and philanthropist Jeff Bezos giving $ 100 million to?

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José Andrés was named one of the two recipients of Jeff Bezos“Prize for courage and civility”, with the founder of Amazon attribution the chief and humanitarian 100 million dollars.

According to Bezos, who appointed CNN Van Jones contributor as another recipient On July 20, Andrés and Jones can donate the money to their own charities, or “they can share their wealth,” noting that the choice is “theirs alone.”

Bezos announced the recipients of his new initiative following that of Blue Origin successful space trip On Tuesday, the CEO of Blue Origin said that the award was created for “leaders who aim high and who seek solutions with courage and who always do so with civility.”

In response to this honor, Andrés, the founder of the association World Central Kitchen, which feeds people affected by natural disasters around the world, said the award marked the “start of a new chapter for us.”

“This award by itself cannot feed the world on its own, but it is the start of a new chapter for us,” he said.

From his philanthropic work to his more than 30 restaurants, here’s everything you need to know about the Spanish-born chef.

Andrés started cooking at the age of 15, with his passion and talent that led him to work in a variety of restaurants in Spain.

In 1991, the now 52-year-old man moved to the United States, where he began opening restaurants with his partners Think Food Group, which now own 31 restaurants ranging from fine dining to food trucks.

However, it is thanks to Andrés’ dedication to helping people that he is most recognizable, after the chef created World Central Kitchen in 2010, which, since its inception, has served meals to people in disaster areas around the world, including Houston, Texas. , the Carolinas, Puerto Rico and Guatemala.

In 2012, a year before he became a U.S. citizen, and in 2018, Andrés’ efforts saw him named one of the Time magazine‘s “100 Most Influential People”, while he has also been recognized and awarded “Outstanding Chef” and “Humanitarian of the Year” by the James Beard Foundation. In 2019 he was appointed for the Nobel Peace Prize, an honor which he said “humiliated” him.

Amid the pandemic, which has seen celebrity chef and World Central Kitchen working to feed thousands of people, Andrés also announced a Partnership with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Archewell Charitable Foundation, which will see organizations build a series of community relief centers around the world.

The permanent structures, built with an undisclosed financial commitment from the Archewell Foundation, will be activated in times of crisis, such as natural disasters, to “act as quickly activated service kitchens,” according to an Archewell spokesperson.

The structures will also be able to provide support to local communities outside of times of disaster, as they can transform into “safe food distribution centers, schools, clinics or community gathering places for families and children”.

In a statement shared at the time, the activist said he had seen many examples of communities coming together and wanted to continue this commitment to help each other.

“At our roots, we believe in each other, doing what’s right for strangers as much as we do for our friends and family. World Central Kitchen and I see a world full of dignity, empathy and humanity. We believe in the healing power of food, and we like to say that wherever there is a struggle for hungry people to eat, we will be there, ”he said.

After receiving the $ 100 million award from Bezos, Andrés expressed his gratitude to the CEO of Amazon and the entire Bezos family.

“I am so honored, truly grateful for this award and the incredible support from you, Jeff, from the entire Bezos family. World Central Kitchen was born from the simple idea that food has the power to make a better world. A plate of food is a plate of hope, it is the fastest way to rebuild life and communities. And this award in itself cannot feed the world on its own, but it is the start of a new chapter for us, ”said Andrés. “I always say I believe in longer tables, not taller walls. So you know Jeff, let’s go ahead and feed the world.

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