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“The Dutch iceberg lettuce season begins, the latest Spanish products are offered at unprecedented prices”


The Spanish fruit season is now well underway. “The temperatures are rising. Then there is automatically more demand for stone fruits and melons. Wednesday was a little calm. But things were already much better yesterday”, explains Pieter de Ruiter of 4Fruit Company in the Netherlands. .

“Watermelons, cantaloupe melons and Santa Claus are selling particularly well. There is still a little too much competition abroad for yellow melons. Galia sales are not yet at the rendezvous either. Peaches and nectarines are also in demand, provided the quality is satisfactory.

“And sales of apricots are also progressing well,” continues Pieter. There are a lot less stone fruits this year. “Not just in Spain. The Greek, Italian and French crops also suffered considerable frost damage. This offers the prospect of good prices this season.

Spanish greenhouse vegetables include peppers, zucchini, and eggplants. They don’t get good prices. “These are at a dismal level,” explains the importer.

The first Dutch iceberg lettuce was harvested yesterday.

“The iceberg lettuce market, however, is a joy. We were used to the Dutch product at the end of April. But now there is hardly any product on the market. The first Dutch iceberg lettuce hit the market this week. does not weigh much yet. “

“Spanish producers are benefiting from this. They do everything to harvest the last heads of lettuce. This in Murcia and near Albacete. Because for 13 to 15 €, it’s worth it, ”concludes Pieter.

Spanish iceberg lettuce.

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