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Who and what is the Angry Viking in Louisville for the Derby protest?


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The Angry Viking, Dylan Stevens, said on Saturday that he and a group of supporters he called the American Patriots were at the Breonna Taylor Kentucky Derby Day protests in Louisville. because “the citizens asked us to be here”.

In its videos and posts ahead of Saturday, the Angry Viking said it was traveling to Louisville to “not allow” protesters to cause “chaos and mayhem” and to prevent violence against Trump supporters.

Who is he?

According to its website, he’s a “staunch Trump supporterthe police, our troops, the 2nd amendment, America and the flag.

He calls himself a “patriotic American who is fed up” with liberal “BS” media and “allows fringe groups and liberal politicians to destroy this great country from within.” His page, he says, has “explicit content,” and he advises, “so if you’re a snowflake whose feelings are easily hurt, you’re probably best off moving on.”

On Instagram, he announced his intention to bring his followers to Louisville. “I hope we can give you a day where you see that you are not alone in this fight.”

In an Instagram video, he said Facebook had blocked his content page and his support for Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, charged with murder in Kenosha, Wisconsin. in the shooting deaths of two protesters during a demonstration against the murder of a black man. Jacob Blake was shot several times in the back by a police officer.

Angry Viking says he and his group are ‘taking a stand’ during protests

Ahead of the Louisville protest, Dylan Stevens said it was time to be a “line in the sand” to stop protesters from looting and damaging or killing.

“I have yet to see any patriots attack a BLM member or an Antifa member just to attack them,” he said in a recent video. The Patriots had “every right to be in Portland”, where Aaron J. Danielson, an activist who was part of a pro-Trump caravanwas killed.

“Stay silent, keep your head in the sand in fear…it doesn’t matter anymore. If you support your country…you will be attacked. Until we start to take a stand, and that’s is what we do in Louisville, Kentucky. We stand by our blue. We stand by our flag. It’s not us against them; it’s us against whoever’s against this country.”

“If you’re here to wreak havoc, destroy things, kill people…murder…chaos, loot – no. that’s why we call ourselves the line in the sand. We are not going to allow that to happen.

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This story was originally published September 5, 2020 6:02 p.m.

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