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The Broncos have filled all of’s off-season needs except one

The Denver Broncos are a list of many needs. Despite the plethora of excess capital the front office has had to play with in recent draft rounds due to the trade and acquisition of offsetting picks, resulting in more cost-controlled recruits in the team, a quick glance at the Broncos’ current depth chart should make any fan uncomfortable.

That’s not surprising given that the Broncos are tied for the second-longest NFL playoff drought currently in five seasons (only topped by the New York Jets with 10 straight years without a playoff). With problems in the coaching staff, instability in the front office and a period of less than stellar draft years and an overall unsatisfying quarterback game, it’s just too many variables that count against the Broncos.

Despite the Broncos’ recent stint in the land of incompetent teams, things really seem to be going in the right direction in Dove Valley. The Broncos have one of the most captivating young offensive weapon groups in the league, a well-equipped young quarterback with attainable potential, a rising offensive line and the defensive spirit of the day in the NFL with quarter-game defense. by Vic Fangio. The struggles have been painful but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Still, as a team coming out of a 5-11 season with money to spend compared to the rest of the league, where should the Broncos buy this offseason in free agency and the NFL Draft? The Broncos have a decent amount of salary cap space, even after the recent flurry of new deals and signings, which will hopefully be enough to fill as many holes as possible on the two-deep front table. the start of the project.

After all, free agency is all about meeting needs while the project is about adding the best available talent. However, what are the “needs” of the Broncos right now?

At the gates of free agency, NFL.comby Adam Maya tried to determine the most important roster needs of the 16 AFC teams entering the offseason. Unsurprisingly, given the allocation of resources to the offense over the past two years, the Broncos’ biggest needs all end up on the defensive end of the ball safely, the pass rusher and cornerback according to. Maya, but luckily the Broncos checked out a few of those boxes last week in the Von Miller option, signing Justin Simmons again and signing the corners Ronald Darby and Kyle fuller.

The Broncos started early by again scoring Pro Bowl safety Justin Simmons. Locking up the aspiring star for the long haul seems like the next step. His high price could spell the end of his security colleague Kareem Jackson in Denver. Von Miller is also still on the books, but if he were to return for next season, it would likely be a restructured deal. The Broncos’ pass rush will be very different in 2021, regardless. Shelby Harris is a free agent and Jurrell Casey has already been eliminated after appearing in just three games last season. Cornerback will continue to be addressed the day after the release of AJ Bouye.

Maya was certainly right that the Broncos needed a cornerback. It was so obvious that it wasn’t at all shocking to see GM George Paton throw a few dollars off the free agency position and he could follow suit and the draft. However, seeing the on-board safety and rusher listed was somewhat surprising – but that was before the Broncos re-signed Simmons, left Kareem Jackson, and opted for Miller.

With Shelby Harris re-signed and Jackson gone, safety is the biggest need remaining defensively, but let’s not ignore Denver’s need for linebacker as well, a position the team would look to inject more athleticism into this offseason. Another offensive tackle to add depth to the position given the extended sabbatical for Ja’Wuan James and a veteran quarterback to compete with incumbent Drew Lock, are also opportunities to fully meet greater “needs.” from Denver.

The Broncos have been a bad team, but with what appears to be a good young offensive core, the mastermind of the NFL’s most sought-after defensive scheme right now with Fangio, and some space and a top 10 in the 2021 draft. , this team can hopefully close the gap over the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West and find their way back to the playoffs for the first time since Super Bowl 50.

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