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The 9 Best Turntables for Your Vinyl Collection (2022)

Biggest Selling Vinyl the point is not the sound. It is the physical experience: shiny and delicate discs; boldly written cover notes; blankets you want to frame and hang on your wall; and the way the stylus spins across the serrated surface, magically reproducing the music of your favorite artists.

Maybe you’ve always been interested in building a setup for listening to LPs and 45s, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re like WIRED editor Julian Chokkattu, who owned a record but no platinum to play it. Maybe you are just looking for an upgrade. No problem: there are loads of great turntables to choose from, and most of them will easily connect to any sound system you already own. I’ve tested quite a few options, and these are my favorites at the moment, from utilitarian and economy classics to more luxurious options for those looking for audiophile quality sound.

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Update February 2022: We have added the Pro-Ject A1 Automat.

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