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Quarantine Comes Alive: A Virtual Music Festival

live for live musicin partnership with Nuggets.TV and PLUS1is proud to announce quarantine comes to life, a one-day virtual music festival featuring over 60 of our favorite artists all day Saturday, May 30 starting at 1 p.m. ET. To donate, text “QCA” to 50155 or go here. Watch on the platform of your choice here.

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The full-day virtual music marathon will feature mostly new ‘live’ performances captured during the ongoing lockdown, with a few gems from the archives sprinkled in. New content will be created by artists in a variety of ways, from socially distanced studio sessions to remote video collaborations. While each band and featured artist will take their own unique approach to their Quarantine Comes Alive content, the goal is the same in all areas: to create something new and special for fans around the world to enjoy. to profit from-together— as they remain physically distant for the foreseeable future.

Quarantine Comes Alive: How The All-Improv Everyone Orchestra Project Achieves Remote Collaboration Ft. Moe Members, The Revivalists, Greensky Bluegrass, ALO, Turkuaz, And More.

Modeled after Brooklyn comes to life and Denver comes to life, Quarantine Comes Alive was designed as a way to celebrate and support musicians, provide fans with unique musical experiences from the comfort of their sofa, and raise funds for comprehensive COVID-19 relief in this time of crisis. ‘uncertainty. All funds raised during the donation-based event will be split equally between the featured artists and the PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund.

As the music industry began to feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, PLUS1 launched its PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund to coordinate musicians’ efforts to support members of our community most at risk of the pandemic. Work directly with leading nonprofits like Gentle relief, MusiCares, Disaster Philanthropy Center, World Central Cuisine, Health Partners, trans lifelineand back linethe goal of the PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund is to provide relief where it is needed most.

Ari Fink of SiriusXM JamOn, Phish Radioand Dave Matthews Band Radio will serve as host of the event, which will also include exclusive interviews with artists from across the lineup as well as the minds behind Quarantine Comes Alive’s various nonprofit partners.

The full bands and individual artists that make up the Quarantine Comes Alive lineup span a wide stylistic spectrum, from bluegrass to singer-songwriters, jam bands to indie rock, electronic to funk, soul to Americana and more. Like any good festival, Quarantine Comes Alive has something for everyone and, in all likelihood, something new and surprising for you.

In partnership with Angelico Guitars and Helix, Quarantine Comes Alive will give away a brand new D’Angelico Premier Bedford guitar to one lucky viewer. For more information on how to enter the guitar giveaway contest and increase your chances of winning, go to here.

Quarantine Comes Alive will also revive an old “Comes Alive” tradition: baseball cards! You may have seen Quarantine Comes Alive artist baseball cards floating around on social media. This time around, fans can also get their own cards. To get your personalized Quarantine Comes Alive baseball card gift, donate $100 or more here and send your receipt to [email protected] with your full name and a photo of yourself. You can also scroll down to check out the full gallery of Quarantine Comes Alive Artist Baseball Cards.

Of course, half the fun of a music festival is the audience experience, the chance to mingle with other revelers. Quarantine Comes Alive also covers this aspect – alongside the main Quarantine Comes Alive stream, we will be hosting Zoom Dance Parties all day. Dress up, decorate your living room, and show the rest of the QCA “crowd” how yourquatream comes to life! Enlarge HERE.

Some guidelines for Zoom Dance Parties:

-Zoom Party does not have its own video player. We recommend using separate devices for zoom and the main Quarantine Comes Alive stream.
– Keep your mic muted at all times so everyone can hear the show. We encourage you to take advantage of the Zoom chat feature to socialize.
-Nudity, illegal drugs and other illicit activities are not allowed on camera in the Zoom room. Have fun, but let’s keep that PG-13.
-A moderator will be hanging in the Zoom room throughout the day. Be nice and follow the rules or you’ll get the boot.
-Have fun! It is a party.

Fans are invited to head over to and donate to the cause. Fans can also donate via the widget below:


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