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Greene is crazy. Apparently that’s what his constituents want

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the most dangerous people in Washington. But you might as well get used to her because she’s not leaving anytime soon.

An overwhelming number of Georgia voters sent this QAnon enthusiast to Washington in November, and she’s doing exactly what they elected her to do.

Every day we learn something new about Greene, each report more despicable than the last. In a newly discovered YouTube video from 2018, Greene suggested the Clintons assassinated John F. Kennedy Jr., who died in a plane crash in 1999, because he could challenge Hillary Clinton for a seat in the New York Senate.

Greene also suggests that 9/11 was a hoax. She apparently believes the mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, was a planned “false flag” event designed to take away people’s guns. And she believes a laser from outer space, powered by wealthy Jewish Democratic supporters, sparked the wildfire that devastated California in 2018.

And she seems to believe it’s okay to execute politicians who oppose her radical views.

Fifty House Democrats are calling for Greene’s expulsion from Congress because of her far-right antics, as well as the numerous inflammatory comments she made before taking office.

But Republicans in Congress don’t seem to have a problem with Greene, so Democrats are unlikely to get the two-thirds of the vote needed to impeach her. It’s probably fine with the people who put it there.

The peculiarity of a democracy is that it allows voters to choose pretty much whoever they want to represent them in Congress. Although top establishment Republicans tried to distance themselves from Greene’s campaign, she came out on top in the nine-vote GOP primary, garnering 40% of the vote. She won the second round with 57%.

Obviously, people wanted Greene in Congress. And the GOP will do nothing to anger voters in this coveted Republican stronghold of a swing state that will sway national political races for years to come.

Greene represents the 14th congressional district, a white and extremely conservative enclave in northwest Georgia, just a stone’s throw from the Tennessee border. The neighborhood of just under 700,000 people is 85% white, 10% Latino and 9.8% black. (Percentages do not add up because some people reported more than one race on the US Census.)

It has an R-27 rating on the Cook Partisan Voter Index, making it the 10th most Republican district in the nation.

This part of the state will be solidly red for a long time. This is where people who don’t care much about diversity in the Atlanta area go to get away from people who don’t look like them.

She never attempted to hide her identity from her constituents. She didn’t have to. His far-right and conspiratorial positions were probably an asset for his victory. She won overwhelmingly, with 74.7% of the vote.

The interesting thing about Greene’s win is that she didn’t even live in the 14th arrondissement. She rented a condo there after deciding to retire from racing in the more diverse 6th arrondissement in order to race somewhere where she had a better chance of winning.

Voters who put Greene in office will get nothing of substance from his term. Although everyone seems to know her name by now, she will go down in history as a madwoman who managed to become both a political laughing stock and a threat to democracy.

So if that’s what the voters of the 14th District want, they have a right to have it as long as they choose to keep it in Washington.

Dahleen Glanton is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. © 2021 The Chicago Tribune. Distributed by content agency Tribune.

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