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EXCLUSIVE: Women Multi-Millionaires Share Their Secrets to Making Serious Money Moves in Business | News

People are often hit with an idea (or a hack) to make their daily lives easier. Maybe a new way to train at home or maybe even a useful hack for online shopping. You get the point. However, it takes some I do not know what to turn a creative idea into a multi-million dollar business. That with mentoring!

If you ask a successful entrepreneur about the process it took to turn their idea into a profitable business, they’ll most likely tell you that it was no small feat. For some, this may seem like a way to discourage you. However, this is not the case. Instead, it’s a way to make you aware of the many ways you’ll need to pivot your mindset to build a lucrative brand from scratch.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we caught up with several millionaires from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries to discuss their successful businesses and hopefully pick up some business gems that can help you build your own successful empire.

At the end of the interview with the ladies, we concluded that every woman agrees with constancy, hard work and dedication. Below are their business gems!

In summary : Have a passion. Take steps towards your goals. Make marketing your priority. And celebrate your customers!

**Editor’s Note: Interviews/quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

  1. Premadonna- (founder of several companies including Premadonna cookware and seasonings)

    For those looking to build their own successful business, PreMadonna offers the following tips: “You have to be ready to get to work. A lot of times people see a lifestyle that they want and they just want it to fall on them without trying to get the job done and that’s not how life is.

    The owner of PreMadonna kitchen utensils and Seasonings adds: “Be passionate. If you don’t love what you are doing, stop. If you don’t have passion, you will be miserable and you will never reach the wealth and the level that you are trying to reach. . ”

  2. B. Simone- (founder of several companies including B. Simone Beauty)

    For those who are hesitant to start their business, B. Simone reveals: “You’re not always going to have all your ducks in a row at first, just start. Start and you will learn as you go. No one is going to turn into a huge massive entrepreneur overnight. I mean, Amazon and all these brands, and they’ve been around for about 20, 30 years. It takes growth, it takes time.

    The owner of B. Simone Beauty adds: “Becoming a new entrepreneur is not easy, but I think it’s just about taking the first steps. Start with the name, come up with an idea, then go ahead and put your energy into publishing it. Lots of answers will be answered when you start. You won’t understand everything at first.

  3. Nicole Walters – (owner of a multi-million dollar marketing empire and star of “She’s The Boss”)

    For those with questions about brand amplification, Nicole Walters reveals: “Marketing is critically important. You can build a business all day, but if people can’t find you, they can’t pay you. You need to tell them where you are so they know where to deposit those funds.

    The CEO of Inherit the learning society and the star of She is the boss continues: “Be bold. If you are not invited to sit at the table, break the wood and build your own. And wherever you go, leave the door for women to enter behind you. There is room for all of us. We each have our individual gifts that will contribute to the greater mission. So be encouraged to have a very complete table and don’t worry that we don’t have enough parameters.”

  4. Latrice Rogers – (CEO of Goddess Lengths And Esensual Beauty)

    For those who want to know how to interact with their customers, Latrice Rogers recalls: “It’s all about good customer service, Honey! Allow your customers to advertise you with pride! How? Track their pages like they track yours. Comment and interact with photos when they wear your product In return, you’ll get free advertisers for life!”

    The CEO of Goddess Lengths and Sensual Beauty continues: “So, renounce the old to welcome the new. People always advise to “never give up” – I disagree to some extent. If you find that a trading method does not prevail, change it and make it bigger, wider and better. Never sweat the little things, but don’t let them consume you either. Let go of the old ways and educate yourself so you can tweak things periodically and stay ahead of the game. This is how you will stay number 1!”

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