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Crowded House shares 90s live album for the Support Act Roadies Fund

crowded house shared the second volume of a live album, “Crowded House LIVE ’92-’94”, to raise money for Support Act’s Roadies Fund.

The 16-track disc is part of the Australian Road Crew Association’s (ARCA) Desk Tape series – pulled straight from the soundboard and produced by Crowded House sound engineers Angus Davidson and Bruce Johnston.

The charcoal cover of ‘LIVE ’92-’94’ is a work by bassist Nick Seymour, drawn during the recording period. Seymour has long been the architect of Crowded House’s visuals, creating their artwork, costumes, and sets.

Notably, the disc contains a rare live performance of the B-side “You Can Touch”. Listen to the full album below:

The first volume of ‘LIVE ’92-’94’ arrived in December last year.

Crowded House have released their first new single in a decade, ‘All that you want’with Mac DeMarco, last October. Mac also appeared in the track’s watered-down music video.

Along with the release of the single, Crowded House announced a New Zealand Tour 2021. It’s unclear if they later plan to cross the divide for their first Australian shows since 2016, or book fairs elsewhere in the world.

Crowded House’s last full-length album was 2010’s “Intriguer.” The record was the band’s second since reuniting after the death of founding drummer Paul Hester.

The tracklist for ‘Crowded House LIVE ’92-’94’ is:

  1. “Recurring Dream”
  2. “There’s God”
  3. “World You Live In”
  4. “I love you until the day I die”
  5. “In Temptation”
  6. ‘Black and White Boy’
  7. “Private Universe”
  8. “In the Lowlands”
  9. ‘You can touch’
  10. “I feel possessed”
  11. “Nails in My Feet”
  12. “Italian plastic”
  13. “Four Seasons in One Day”
  14. “The weather with you”
  15. ‘Fall at your feet’
  16. ‘When you come’
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