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Spanish Foods Recognized for Excellence in Prestigious Great Taste Awards – Retail Times


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Spanish food supplier, Brindisa received a total of 22 stars by this year’s expert jury at the Great Taste Awards, with 1605 Manchego Wedge and Cecinas Pablo Cecina Cured Beef receiving the much sought-after 3-star distinction.

Organized by the Guild of Fine Food, the Great Taste Accreditation provides a benchmarking and product assessment service for small businesses, generating greater awareness for the products. Each of the featured Brindisa products was blind tasted by a selection of chefs, buyers, gourmet food retailers, restaurateurs, food critics and writers during 60 days of evaluation.

Brindisa received recognition for 12 other products, including:

  • Octopus tentacles (2 stars)
  • Rosemary Honey from Alemany (2 stars)
  • Olives Perelló Gordal (1 star)
  • Salted cod fillet (1 star)
  • Ortiz Sardines in Olive Oil “A La Antigua” (1 star)
  • Pablo Hot Ox Chorizo ​​(1 star)
  • Villarejo Manchego Semi Cured (1 star)
  • Pairarrop Fig and Almond Wheel (1 star)
  • Alemany Pan de Cadiz with orange zest (1 star)
  • ArtMuria orange honey with saffron (1 star)
  • Olives Perelló Gordal (1 star)

The judges were particularly impressed by Brindisa’s 1605 offset manchego, made in the Sierra la Solana estate 150 km south of Madrid, which has been described as “a product of magnificent appearance”. Superb color and beautiful texture. The rich nutty flavor provides a warm feeling on the palate that continues over and over again. Unending. Handsome. Creamy.’

Brindisa’s rich and deep flavored Corned Beef Cecinas Pablo Cecina also received the coveted 3-star award. Produced in northern Castile and León for hundreds of years, regions with cold, dry winters provide ideal conditions for this famous product. The judges clearly recognized another product with a rich heritage and first-class taste references.

The judges awarded an impressive 2 stars to the octopus tentacles of Brindisa, a product native to the Moroccan coasts and sadly used throughout Galicia, the most north-western region of Spain. The judges described this delicacy as “tender and meaty with clean salinity and a fresh flavor that lends itself well to charring … Reminiscent of the best seaside barbecue, this is a well-prepared and excellent product that is simple but exceptional. “.

Brindisa’s Alemany Rosemary Honey also caught the judges’ attention for its exceptional taste. Its slightly citric and slightly herbaceous flavor provides a fresh and acidic aroma, worthy of 2 star recognition. Brindisa’s producer Alemany uses honeycombs from beehives where the bees feed mainly on rosemary and orange blossom, which gives the product its unique and delicious flavor.

The Spanish food supplier’s Perello Gordal olives also received a special mention from the judges, declaring they were “a perfect canned olive – an olive that a judge felt he had waited for his whole life.” A nice balance of flavors, with the clever Guindilla shot absolutely perfectly judged. There is an overall luxury experience, not only because of the stupendous size of these uniform gordals, but also the velvety texture and sweet bittersweet flavor, which has kept these judges coming back for more.

James Robinson, Product Trainer at Brindisa, commented: “Our Great Taste 2019 results demonstrate the breadth of quality we have at Brindisa, from manchego cheese to hot beef chorizo, we make sure quality is everything. first requirement to become a supplier of Brindisa. Receiving a number of Great Taste stars is fantastic recognition and I am proud that our products have performed brilliantly again this year. ‘


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