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Zamora Company USA strengthens its portfolio with the addition of Spanish wines and limoncello


“Each of these premium brands is a world leader in their category, and we see a tremendous opportunity for these products to achieve great success in the United States,” said Emilio Restoy Cabrera, CEO of Zamora Company. “As we continue to develop our new US division, Zamora Company United States, it was a good time to bring these products under our own roof and extend our support. “

The sale, distribution, execution and marketing of wines and limoncello will join the company Zamora the United States other brands which are anchored by Licor 43, the world’s fastest growing premium liqueur.

“Last month, we announced a national alignment with Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits in 41 U.S. markets, and now, with the addition of these world-class brands to our portfolio, we’re on track to meet our goal of becoming a fully integrated business. supplier of luxury wines and spirits in the United States, ”said Bill Corbett, CEO of Zamora United States. “We are very happy to add these amazing products to our catalog in the United States and look forward to their continued success here. “

About Zamora Company United States:
Zamora Company United States, situated at Dallas, Texas, recently assembled its collection of unique luxury brands with an experienced, passionate and dedicated team of over 30 people. The new organization manages the sales, distribution, execution and marketing of the following brands: Licor43, Vodka Double Cross, Whiskey Yellow Rose, that of Martin Miller Gin and Lolea Sangria. that of Zamora Villa Massa Limoncello, plus their spanish wines Ramon Bilbao, Cruz de Alba, and Mar de Frades will join soon.

SOURCE Zamora Company United States


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