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A Spanish tortilla recipe for the rental week (and my birthday)


Turning over a Spanish tortilla sounds scary. I understand that. I was scared the first time I flipped a Spanish tortilla. But it must be done. Do you remember what Yoda said in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke trains with him on Dagobah and thinks he can’t lift his sunk X-wing fighter using the Force? Of course you do. He said, “Do. Or not. There’s no trying. ”These are words to follow, and the same mindset applies to flipping a Spanish tortilla. You don’t try to do it. Just do it.

Place a plate slightly smaller than your pan directly on top of the tortilla, and with one hand in the center of the plate and another holding the handle of the pan, turn the pan quickly and confidently. Leave your hand under the baking sheet and remove the top pan. You did it! Now return the tortilla to the pan with the cooked side up. An egg and a potato or two will be left behind. It is very good. These are sacrifices for the cause. What matters is that your tortilla is turned over and the other side is cooking. Sorry if you’ve never watched Star Wars and didn’t understand this reference. (I don’t apologize for the reference. I’m just really sorry you never saw Star wars.)

A beautiful festive diffusion, whether it is a birthday party or not.

Photo by Chelsie Craig

Let the tortilla cook for another three minutes, until you can poke the center of the tortilla and say it’s completely set. Slide the tortilla out of the pan, onto a cutting board or plate, and let it rest for at least 15 minutes. Spanish tortillas are best served warm than hot. And even better at room temperature.

You can slice this tortilla and eat it plain if you are impatient or extremely hungry. But while the tortilla is resting, I like to do some topping. I could sauté red peppers in olive oil with a little garlic, then hit them with a little vinegar. I could make a salsa verde or a quick pesto. I might make some mustard aioli. Maybe I made some extra caramelized onions for a garnish. Or I could just put my hand in the fridge and grab a bottle of hot sauce, a jar of mayonnaise and go to town.

Everything works, as long as it is still compatible with the rental week. It’s your delicious, inexpensive tortilla (cost me $ 16 to make three), five-ingredient, and not-so-authentic. Do what you want. All I’m asking is if you serve me a Spanish tortilla next week, please put some candles in it and sing me a song. The birthday song would be cool, but again, it’s up to you. Do what feels right to you.

Want some tomato sauce for this tortilla? Here is :

Image may contain: Dish, Food, Meal, Plant, Bowl, and Product

One week rental of tomato sauce for August and beyond

Cheap? Yes. Delicious? Yes. Easy? Yes. Simple? Yes. Versatile? Yes. Should we start? Again, yes.

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