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Spanish Foods Favorite Matiz España launches new spreads


LYNNWOOD, WA – Spain’s leading food importer Culinary Collective is adding three irresistible new gourmet condiments to its current line of Matiz España sauces and spreads, which are sure to become a staple on your table. Garlic and Spicy Matiz Fiery All I Oli will soon be a favorite on sandwiches, seafood and grilled meats. Matiz Organic Olivada is an olive spread with the same exceptional flavor that consumers already know and love from the original, but made with organic empeltre olives and olive oil, with nothing else added. Matiz Organic Quince Paste is also now made with all organic ingredients – including organic quince fruit, lemon and organic sugar.

Matiz Fiery All I Oli Spread

Made with spicy garlic and hot peppers, lemon, sunflower oil, and salt – you could easily call it a Northern Spain oli spread “mayo with a kick.” “- but we call it addicting! This little pot is bursting with flavor and is fantastic on grilled meats, vegetables, seafood and cold summer salads. Egg-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. 6.5 oz jar / SRP $ 6.99

Olivada Bio Matiz Spread

Now made with organic ingredients, this dark and rich empeltre olive spread is perfect in its simplicity. Made only with organic empeltre olives, organic olive oil and salt, this is the essence of Spain in a jar. Try it with cheeses, as a spread on sandwiches or sear your fish with an olivada crust – amazing! 6.5 oz jar / SRP $ 6.99

Matiz Organic Quince Paste

Quince paste or membrillo is the Spanish accompaniment par excellence for cheese. Matiz Quince, now made from organic quinces, organic sugar and organic lemon, is baked until it caramelizes into a thick spread with a deep color and rich flavor. 12.3 oz box / SRP $ 7.99

The leading Spanish food importer Culinary Collective will present the new Matiz brand sauces and spreads from June 26 to 28 at the Summer Fancy Food Show New York, booth # 2774. Be sure to stop by for a sample and for information on distributors in your area.


Christine weiss
Culinary Collective
[email protected]

Culinary Collective

Based in Lynnwood, Washington, Culinary Collective is an import and distribution company specializing in gourmet cultural foods that embody and promote Indigenous cultures and traditions. The company works with small family and community businesses that pride themselves on producing all-natural foods using methods and recipes passed down from generation to generation. Under its Matiz España label, Culinary Collective imports and distributes a wide range of traditional Spanish products. Under its Zócalo Gourmet brand, the Collective supports small producers of all-natural cultural foods in Peru by bringing quality products such as grains, flours, beans and chili pastes directly from producers to US retailers and consumers and Canadian. Culinary Collective is proud to be a B Certified Company. More information on

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