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Experience ‘Dining with the Stars’ with 2 Michelin Star Spanish Chef Dani Garcia at New World Manila Bay Hotel

Join New World Manila Bay Hotel’s “Dining with the Stars” with celebrity Spanish chef Dani Garcia from the 2-star Michelin restaurant in Spain on April 4-5, 2016.

In conjunction with the Madrid Fusion Manila Global Culinary Festival, and supported by the Philippine Ministry of Tourism and the Spanish Tourist Board, this highly anticipated gastronomic event will be held in the ballroom of the New World Manila Bay Hotel and will feature irresistible cocktails and Chef Garcia’s incredible 10. – A set menu of some of the best wines in the world, courtesy of Philippine Wine Merchants, for PHP 10,000 per person, excluding taxes and service charges.

The map of the Little Principality

The avant-garde cuisine is inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince and the concept of “contradiction” with the contrast of hot and cold elements and opposing textures and flavors. This fun and unique dining experience promises to delight and inspire.

Sweeten your culinary journey with a “Dining Stay with the Stars” including a night in the Premier Bayview Suite with buffet breakfast, tapas and Chef Garcia-inspired cocktails served at the Residence Club while savoring stunning sunset views over Manila Bay, followed by the complete ‘Dining with the Stars’ cocktail and dinner experience for two at PHP 28,288, excluding taxes and service charges, and subject to availability.

The ultimate Michelin star dining experience

Chef Garcia’s ultimate dining experience begins with cocktails in the ballroom lobby and first courses with wines in the ballroom. Then, guests are invited in batches to an intimate and interactive dining experience with Chef Garcia himself in the “sublimotion” room: Immerse yourself in a special room with a wall-to-wall LED screen showing alternate videos of The Little Prince, shoreline and ocean scenery, and the element of fire. Chef Garcia demonstrates his innovative techniques in preparing avant-garde cuisine in this culinary theater. Guests also have the chance to meet and interact up close with Chef Garcia.

After the “sublimotion” room, relax in “The landscape of the Little Prince”. Be transported to a contemporary recreation of the Sahara desert and mountainous region with a showcase of Impy Pilapil’s modern abstract sculptures depicting nature. Savor refreshments, jamon serrano and freshly sliced ​​tapas in this room. The culinary journey continues to the main reception of the banquet where the rest of the dishes inspired by The Little Prince are served.

Haute cuisine inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince

tomato nitro
Gazpacho amarillo with nitro tomato

Dinner with the 10-course Stars menu includes Potato Moai: Moai potatoes, Pollo sofa: Plain Crispy Chicken Canape, Gazpacho amarillo with nitro tomato: Yellow gazpacho with nitro-tomato, Gamba carpaccio with manzana and truffle honey: Shrimp carpaccio with apple and truffle honey, Afilando el lapiz: Sharpen our pencil, Tartar of Atun aliñado al momento: Tuna tartar seasoned by the minute, Lubina Frita: Fried bass, Arroz de pulpo y calamares en su tinta: Octopus black rice and calamari, Rabo de toro ravioli with consome al jerez: Oxtail ravioli with Sherry consome, Silt: We froze our lemons, and Meteorite: Meteorite.

Spanish chef Dani Garcia of the 2 star Michelin restaurant in Marbella, Spain

With Chef Garcia’s mastery of innovative techniques and his playful culinary style evoking childhood memories, he is considered one of the finest chefs in modern Spanish gastronomy. He is among the world-renowned Michelin-starred Spanish chefs Adrià, Arzak, Berasategui, Ruscalleda, Santamaría, Subijana and Roca.

Chef Garcia is an endorser of an international brand of quick service restaurants in Spain. He is also known for popularizing the use of liquid nitrogen in the preparation of haute cuisine.

Dani García also has a passion for tapas and informal cuisine, such as a visit to Bibo Andalous Brasserie & Tapas by Dani García, also located in Marbella. Among other delicacies, Bibo offers refreshing cold soups, the best cuts of tuna brought directly from the Almadraba in Barbate, salads with organic vegetables from its own garden, and a wide range of tapas and dishes that marvel at through the thousand and one geographies of Dani Garcia.

Limited pitches are available, book now

Book now to guarantee your place, as places are limited. For inquiries and dinner reservations please call +63 2 252 6888 or email [email protected] and to book the “Dining with the Stars” stay, go to

Enter the New World Manila Bay Hotel for an unforgettable evening among the world’s biggest culinary stars!


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