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Londoners, rejoice: celebrity Spanish chef Albert Adrià is leading you


In February, gourmet meals make their appearance: for £ 150 (around $ 225) you can eat a meal prepared by one of the world’s best chefs, Albert Adrià, at the Café Royal in London. The trap ? You only have 50 days to do so.

Much like a typical pop-up restaurant, details are scarce: guests will sip a selection of cocktails and snacks in the lavish Oscar Wilde bar with Louis XVI details before moving on to a tasting menu hosted in the Domino restaurant. the hotel. The entire dining experience will last approximately two and a half hours, and the suggested dress code is “glamorously glamorous”. But those who are worried about getting their money’s worth don’t need to be.

Once best known as the younger brother of Ferran, who runs the now-closed El Bulli and is considered by many to be the world’s best chef for his revolutionary molecular gastronomy, Albert has nonetheless found his own international fame in recent years: named best pastry chef in the world in 2015 for his global contributions to the pastry scene, he helped revitalize Barcelona’s upscale food scene with restaurants like Tickets (modern tapas), Pakta (Japanese, Portuguese), Bodega 1800 (old-fashioned tapas), Hoja Santa and Nina Viejo (Mexican). Another restaurant, Enigma, will open in Barcelona in 2016 and now accepts “pre-reservations”. And although there are no details on the menu yet, it will undoubtedly sound similar to Adrià‘s signature gastronomy: think of “aerial waffles with basil”, blackcurrant churros and cheese mousse. Manchego.

All the more reason for book a seat at the Café Royal for dinner: The hotel notes that Adrià‘s residence in London will be her “first business outside her native Spain in her 30-year career”.

50 Days of Albert Adria runs from February 12 to April 9, 2016.


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