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Authentic Spanish products on offer at the Global Village – News


The Spain Pavilion, now in its third year at Global Village, features bulls, camels, hawks, horses and lions in taxidermy for curious visitors and shoppers.

A fascinating sight of ‘toros’ (bulls) charging to gorge on their ‘matador’ (torréo) draws visitors to the Spanish pavilion at Global Village, the ultimate family entertainment destination. Bullfighting, known throughout the world as “corrida de toros”, has always been a popular source of entertainment in Spain, Portugal, southern France and some Hispanic-American countries, but never in the Arab World.

Spanish hats in the Spain pavilion at the Global Village. – KT photo by M. Sajjad

The Spain pavilion, now in its third year at Global Village, features bulls, camels, hawks, horses and lions in taxidermy for curious visitors and shoppers – real animals stuffed by taxidermists to be used as home and garden decors.

Veronica, one of the pavilion exhibitors, said her company, Toro Toro Coe, has been in the taxidermy business for three years. “We stuffed exotic and wild animals like pumas, jaguars, hyenas, zebras, bears, black Bengal tigers, lions and camels. We sell them from 15,000 Dh and up to 135,000 Dh, depending on the pose of the animals. Charging bulls, which are based on photos of actual bullfighting, are more expensive and command prices over 100,000 Dh. “

She says her business has received orders from Emirati and Arab families to steal hawks and run camels. “Feline animals like wild cats in taxidermy are more expensive.”

“Abarcas”, the traditional Spanish footwear from Menorca, draw crowds to the pavilion. Lamancha saffron, popularly known as Spanish red gold and handcrafted “Damascene” decorative patterns, is another popular product.

A Swiss couple, Nico and Alina Brust, say they are happy to be able to find the products they bought in Spain on vacation there. “It’s amazing. Here at Global Village we can buy the textiles and decorations we need. I love ‘Mojitos’ and again this refreshing drink is here at Global Village,” says Alina.

Pavilion exhibitor Leila Jandali explains that her company, D&D Toledo, has been practicing the Damascene set design process, which originated in Damascus centuries ago, for 200 years. “An expert worker treats the nickel with artificial oxidation in 48 hours, then covers the decoration with pure gold, inscribes Arabic scriptures and prepares them for the market.”

Elias Vizcaino, from Relaciones Comerciales, who is the organizer of the Spain Pavilion, says that everything Spain has to offer has been brought to the Global Village. “Most of these products come from Madrid, Andalusia, Catalonia, Costa La Mancha, Toledo, Menorca, Granada and Extremadura. From amazing animal taxidermy and the country’s best olive oil to preserves and saffron, to Damascus decors, handcrafted wooden products, aluminum and silver souvenir items, textiles. , scarves, jewelry, football items … The list is endless, ”he says.

There is no shortage of Barcelona football memorabilia: scarves, bags, t-shirts, footballs, key rings and mugs. “People love them. They have come constantly to buy our products at each edition since 2011-2012, when we joined the Global Village for the first time. Now they know the Spanish products. They buy our paprika and our Spanish cheese. We have good products at affordable prices. We are also happy to have made a difference in the lives of residents and tourists in Dubai through our product offerings, ”adds Vizcaino.

“Tourists from the Middle East are increasingly coming to the Spanish coasts for vacation, as one of the largest mosques in Europe is located in the capital, Madrid. They come to shop. Yet here at Global Village, they can buy the same genuine, good quality products without flying to Spain. Everything is here in this pavilion, ”he says.

Spain, which is the second most visited country in the world with more than 50 million tourists a year, has also opened vacation homes for sale to tourists. At Global Village, real estate developers offer beach and upscale properties in Cordoba, Granada, Andalucia and other cities in Spain as vacation homes. A dream vacation home is just a visit away!

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Free entry for children on Monday

The Global Village will allow children under 12 to enter for free every Monday in February. The promotion also includes an offer for visitors to redeem Dh 10 vouchers for every Dh 60 spent at a selection of popular Global Village restaurants.

The fun fair discount vouchers have been replaced to allow visitors to enjoy the diverse cuisine on offer at the Global Village. Participating restaurants will be mentioned on all vouchers.

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